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Lawyer specialized in Medical Malpractice

Andrei Tărău

With a practical experience of over 10 years in the legal field, Andrei Tărău is the owner of the Law office with the same name. He is motivated and ready to help clients from all over the country in solving medical malpractice lawsuits.

He graduated with a law bachelor degree in 2011 from the Faculty of Law, Oradea University, and worked as a lawyer intern for a year at Doseanu Răzvan Law Firm. Starting with 2014, he has been working as a permanent lawyer and is a respected member of Bihor Bar. 

In 2019, Andrei Tărău graduated a master’s program in Forensic investigation and forensic medicine from the University of Medicine and Pharmacology “Iuliu Haţieganu” in Cluj-Napoca.

Specialized in solving cases involving medical malpractice, Andrei Tărău has an expertise in other law fields, such as criminal, civil and labor law, acquired by solving countless cases in his 10 plus years activity and by participating to countless specialized conferences.


Who we are


Încă de la înființare, Cabinetul de avocat Tărău Andrei are drept misiune oferirea serviciilor juridice de cea mai înaltă calitate, atât persoanelor vătămate de o conduită medicală neglijentă, cât și medicilor acuzați de malpraxis medical, cu scopul de a contribui la creșterea calității actului medical din România prin prisma descoperirii și dovedirii actelor de malpraxis medical, urmate de tragerea la răspundere a persoanelor responsabile și justa despăgubire a victimelor prejudiciate.  

Why choose us?

Having a solid theoretical knowledge and a vast practical experience, Andrei Tărău’s Law office is specialized in solving cases of medical malpractice. Besides this field, we have competency in cases involving work accidents or accidents and other roadside felonies. Collaborating with the most valuable professionals from our country (forensic doctors and judiciary experts), we ensure the resolution, all over the territory of Romania, of cases in a professional and timely manner.

We work for you

We are here to help victims of medical malpractice cases obtain the necessary compensation that result from a faulty medical act. Also, our services are available to those that face such accusations – doctor or medical units – even by offering legal advice in order to protect against future medical malpractice accusations. If you are a victim of a medical malpractice case or want more details and information, please visit the page for medical malpractice services.

Judgments and settlements achieved by our office

"In 2019 we solved a medical malpractice litigation outside the courts, our client being compensated by a surgeon from Oradea with the amount of 10,000 euros for the damage caused as a result of an iatrogenic injury. (The doctor injured the patient's colon during the excision operation of an ovarian cyst, which led to fecal peritonitis)."

"In 2021 our office settled a dispute outside the courts, the client being reimbursed by a private clinic in Oradea the amount of 4,900 lei, paid for the medical services provided (cesarean delivery). This is because the newborn was transferred to a state hospital the day after birth, as the private clinic failed to resolve the respiratory complication that he had developed immediately after birth."

"In 2014 we obtained for a client, victim of a car accident (hit on a pedestrian crossing in Cluj-Napoca), the amount of 200,000 lei as moral damages, at the Cluj-Napoca District Court. The victim suffered traumatic injuries that required 140-145 days of medical care for healing."

"In 2020 we obtained for our client - victim of a work accident within CFR, as a result of which his left arm was amputated - the amount of 100,000 euros as moral damages and a life annuity of 100 euros / month until age of retirement, at the Oradea Court of Appeal."

"In 2020 we obtained - in a mediation procedure - for a client from Bihor County, a truck driver, the amount of 4,000 euros from an international freight company, which had not paid in full the salary rights for the period in which he worked for the company."

"In 2019 we obtained at the Bihor County Court the admission of a plea agreement for a client accused of international and national trafficking of risk and high-risk drugs (cannabis and ecstasy) with a sentence of 2 years and 10 months imprisonment, with suspension of the sentence under supervision . The client was investigated in a state of freedom, not being remanded in custody during the criminal investigation."

"In 2019 we obtained a sentence of 1 year in prison at the Oradea District Court, postponing the application of the punishment for a client who drove a vehicle on public roads, having a blood alcohol level of 1.95 grams/liter pure blood alcohol. The solution obtained gave the client the right to drive cars on public roads after the completion of the process, not having his driving license revoked."

"In 2021 we managed to conclude a plea agreement for a client who committed a crime of tax evasion, causing a damage to the state budget of approximately 25 million lei. The sentence for which an agreement was reached is 3 years and 6 months with the suspension of the execution of the sentence under supervision."

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